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Author By: Venothan kathalingam

Monday, July 28, 2008

Charles Santiago berated for ‘taking downDato Seri Samy Vellu’, files report

DAP parliamentarian Charles Santiago lodged a police report today over the incident where he was verbally abused by a group of men for ‘taking down’ MIC president S Samy Vellu.

In Saturday’s incident, some 20 men surrounded the Klang MP and two others. The men verbally abused them and allegedly smashed the side mirror of a vehicle belonging to the politician’s personal assistant Sarah Devaraj.
Relating the incident, Santiago said he, Devaraj and two family members arrived at the Sri Muniandy temple in Port Klang to partake in its 25th year anniversary celebrations.
Upon nearing the temple located in a residential area, they found a Mercedes Benz blocking the road which prevented them from parking any nearer to the temple.
Requests for the Mercedes to be moved elsewhere were unsuccessful as its owner was absent and could not be immediately located. Deveraj then parked her car parallel to the Mercedes and they proceeded to join the temple celebrations.
Upon returning to the car a little after midnight, they found that the right-side mirror of her vehicle had been smashed.
By that time, several men, who had been drinking in front of a nearby house, came out and surrounded the four.
“One of them had even gotten on top of the car and jumped up and down on it,” Santiago told Malaysiakini after lodging his report at the Klang district police headquarters.
“Another shouted at us and said ‘you brought down Samy Vellu,’” he added.
Not taking chances
In the commotion, Devaraj was shoved roughly by one of the men while another threatened a family member for having earlier taken a photograph of the Mercedes.
Santiago said the photograph was taken when one of his constituents sought a photo opportunity with him. The Mercedes was only coincidentally in the background, he added.
The commotion attracted the attention of those in the temple who came out to form a circle around Santiago and his group. They managed to bundle the four into the car and ensured their safe departure.
The arrival of police patrol cars a few minutes later saw to it that no untoward incidents occurred.
Unsure whether it was merely a case of inebriated youth trying to stir trouble or that of real bitterness against the opposition parties for MIC’s dismal performance in the March 8 polls, Santiago said he was lodging the police report to make sure a record of the incident was made.
“A little while earlier that day, we had organised a dialogue between local residents, the district police and the local council on crime prevention.
“Perhaps the incident is unrelated (to the dialogue), but we’re not taking any chances,” he said.

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The table have turned indeed....

We used to read news on MIC leaders now its the other way round.....

But where this heading towards???

Once we a separated by cast and language. But now things become worst. We indians divided by political believes.

Looks like we are starting to walk towards the opposite way of UNITY...


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