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Author By: Venothan kathalingam

Sunday, July 13, 2008

MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress

Known also as Kongres India Se-Malaysia, MIC is one of the founding members of Barisan Nasional (BN) and a political party. Established in 1946, it was first envisioned to fight for the India against the British colonial after the second World War for independence. After that, MIC was involved in the fighting for the independence of Malaysia. MIC is poised as the Indian community voice in the country's post-war development where they joined the earlier National Alliance, which eventually became the Barisan Nasional in 1973.
Headed by its president Dato' Seri S Samy Vellu, it was founded by John A Thivy, to contribute to the inter-racial harmony and cooperation among all component parties of the BN.
The most significant leader of MIC, Tun V T Sambanthan was one of the leaders who tirelessly helped to contribute to the country's independence, of which he was a signatory of the Merdeka Agreement but it was only the next president, Tan Sri V Manickavasagam was when MIC became a part of the BN. It then championed various programmes like The Nesa Multipurpose Cooperative, the MIC Unit trust and the MIC Education Fund which was fundamental to the development of the group.
Its longest serving president is also the current one, Dato' S Samy Vellu, who have held the post since 1979 has often been criticized and accused of various allegations of corruption and most recently been accused for being the reason of MIC's huge losses of the general elections.
It has been reported that for the past 20 years, MIC has been able to obtain loans and scholarships totaling RM60million and benefited 10,000 Indian students under the Maju Institute of Education Development (MIED) fund.
MIC also reported that among their efforts include prompting the government to step up their efforts to achieve the 3% equity for Indians by 2020 under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.
MIC owns an education project known as the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology University (AIMST), a move not welcomed by many as it is difficult to align education with politics.
One of the major downfalls of MIC is in the previous general elections where the party president S Samy Vellu lost his seat at Sg Siput his stronghold for the past 20 years. Along with him, the other main losers include 2 other VPs of MIC, the head of youth as well as the head of the women's wing.

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